Recently The Magenta Project teamed up with The Foiling Week (TFW) to provide hands on experience sessions for female sailors wanting to try out the latest production foiling boats. This is a unique event attracting both the professional foilers and those wanting to try foiling boats for the first time.

The Lake Garda Foiling Week took place between July 6th and 9th; and the women only sessions were led by Jo Aleh and Josie Gliddon of The Magenta Project assisted by Melissa Kalicin who is a foiling fanatic and Waszp ambassador.

The boats available for testing were the VoilAvionWhisperS9iFly 15 and the Wasp & F101 monohulls. The event also featured a Foiling Expo and races for the one-design classes, a fun downwind long distance race along with prototypes and a permanent test area for the boat trials.

In addition to the on-water action, the program included morning forums, addressing a range of topics such as safety, accessibility, and foil design and engineering. Jo Aleh and Josie Gliddon lead the forum on how to make foiling more accessible to women, including insights into coaching and boats designed for lower weight crews.

Jo Aleh reported: “It was awesome to play a part in Foiling Week, there has been great feedback in terms of the number of women that have participated in the event compared to past events, which is just great. From all over the world and all levels of sailing, everyone has had fun on the water, with many thinking there was no way they would be able to foil, and with the range of boats here, there was always something that they could get going on! A special mention goes to Luca Rizzotti, founder of Foiling Week, for his support, belief and work to make foiling more accessible. We look forward to building off the success here at future Foiling Week venues.”

Foiling Week Garda 2017 enjoyed four days of frantic foiling fun at a superb location. There are more Foiling Week events scheduled later in the year and early in 2018. Events are planned in Miami, Punta del Este and Sydney. Stay tuned on Foiling Weeks web and Facebook page:



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