That’s it, the season is behind us, following the grand finale in Marstrand on the 6th July, a bit too early for our liking.

On 4th July, Independence day for our American crews, it was the first stage of races in order to rank the 20 teams with fleet style racing.

During the first day, we had good starts and sailed the first portion of the race course well however we struggled to find our upwind speed and subsequently our results suffered.

On the second day, we weren’t able to upgrade our performance and finished at the bottom of our group. So the next morning, we entered a sail off against the young Australian Murray Jones and his team. Here, after 2 days of struggling to find our speed, we finally fell good onboard, and focused on racing. Unfortunately, our small strategic mistakes at gate marks put us at a 1-2 result and we finished this stage in Marstrand ranked 19th.

Finishing second to last on the final competition of the season, is super frustrating. It doesn’t reflect our performances that had been progressing during the year and we can’t take our minds off the fact that it will not help to sell the upcoming season to potentials sponsors. Doubly frustrating.

Easy answer: Women are not strong enough to sail the M32. Answer: It’s wrong.

At the World Match Racing Tour, any mistake can cost a lot and we didn’t manage to sail at the required level to win through the first stage in Marstrand. No excuses, we didn’t sail well.

Any reasons? Many. But I think primarily trying to sail on a race circuit that is requiring a total engagement in order to perform, whilst at the same time trying to raise funding to cover training, travel, expenses and so forth just didn’t allow us to tap into our full potential.

Team Magenta32 is the first all female team to compete in the history of the WMRT circuit. We finished 17th in Perth, 6th in Copenhagen, 11th in Newport and 19th in Marstrand.

It’s a team that hopes to inspire the young female sailors of tomorrow and open doors for them to compete or aspire to. It’s a team that believes in it’s capabilities and hopes for the opportunity to be sailing on the circuit next year. It’s a team that need sponsors to be able to fully commit and focus on the sailing, to be in a position to train and race without distracting headaches.

I really deeply hope that this summer we will be successful in finding commercial partners we can collaborate with, people who believe in us so that we can continue the unfinished business of Team Magenta32 at the WMRT 2016-2017, furthermore to not only open doors for women in sailing but to keep those doors open!

Elodie Mettraux

Photo Credit: Ian Roman/WMRT

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