The Magenta Project’s World Match Racing Tour team: Magenta 32 is holding its first clinic for women who want to experience sailing on the high-performance M32 catamarans.

The clinic is currently under way at the Cape Crow Yacht Club on the island of Hönö near Gothenburg, Sweden running over the 22nd and 23rd June.

The clinic involves an introduction to the M32, with an on-water session and valuable insights from, and techniques learnt by the team both about racing on the World Match Racing Tour and the Volvo Ocean Race.

This is the first clinic of its type hosted by Team Magenta 32 and is part of The Magenta Project’s mission to advance women in professional sailing by sharing knowledge and creating opportunities.

The Project is hoping to see the percentage of professional female sailors competing in premier events from less than 3% today to more than 10% by 2020.

18th March 2016. Hamilton, Bermuda.
Team Magenta 32 is headed up by America’s Sally Barkow, the first female World Match Racing Tour card-holder. The Tour is the longest running, global, professional sailing series and is one of the key events within the full-time professional sailing circuit. It is often seen as a stepping-stone to the pinnacle events such as The America’s Cup and the Volvo Ocean Race.

Sally commented: “It is no secret that sailing is a sport where women have the ability to compete at a professional level. We are motivated to see women gain more experience and insight into the high level of the sport. Therefore we created the the idea of hosting an all female M32 clinic in the hope of introducing aspiring professional sailors to the M32 and to share the knowledge we have gained racing on the WMRT and specifically about sailing the M32 at a high level with 5 women on board.  We have 20+ sailors coming to Hönö, Sweden for a 2-day introduction to the M32. There has been a wealth of interest therefore we hope to replicate this in the future in varying locations, stay tuned!”


Colour Photo credit: Ian Roman/World Match Racing Tour

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