As Iain Percy concludes his event with Artemis Racing at the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series 2016 in Oman Iain shared these words,

“It was fantastic to see my friends from the Magenta Project sailing recently at the M32 Series in Bermuda. I know many of the team from my days of Olympic and the America’s Cup sailing, and have observed the level of skill and dedication each one has put into their previous campaigns.

It is a collection of genuine talent. Much more than that it is a movement of strong minded people who are determined to carve out a professional future for women sailors. For many years I have deeply sympathised with my female Olympic colleagues, who were giving up just as much as me in term of earnings and alternative career opportunities, but way more admirably were doing so without the allure of a professional career. This needs to change.

Like many sports, including tennis and soccer, our ‘women’s game’ is just as entertaining to spectators; but unlike these sports sailing offers a relatively level physical playing field between the sexes. This allows female crews to compete in mixed competitions at the highest level as the recent M32 results and a certain Volvo Ocean Race leg have proved.
I wish the team at The Magenta Project all the success their years of quiet dedication deserve. I would love to see a major sponsor recognise the potential this team has to win a big sailing competition, and smash up some outdated stereotypes at the same time.”

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